Okay, so trying to describe a church experience is pretty tough. Nevertheless, we'll try and give it a shot and when you visit you can tell us how close we were.

When you show up at the Summit, we want you to feel comfortable. Don't worry about dressing to impress; you'll see some with jeans, some with jackets, some in high heels, and some in flip flops. Musically, the worship is upbeat and modern (think Elevation, Bethel, Vertical Church, Hillsong United, Jesus Culture, etc.), but we like to blend in the occasional hymn as well. For more on our worship music or to hear some of the songs we sing, CLICK HERE.

We use a lot of PowerPoint and visuals with our messages ... we've found they help the main points stick in people's minds. The sermons are down to earth and practical as we take Biblical principles and show how they apply in our busy lives today. After all, we're usually preaching to ourselves, too.

We'll always have coffee in the lobby, there will usually be a few kids running around, and you'll hear lots of laughter as Christians who love life and each other catch up on what God's been doing in their lives. The Sunday morning service usually lasts about 90 minutes, Wednesday nights are a bit shorter.

Our main goal is to be able to grow together as real people, each of us moving one step closer to the person God wants us to be. So ... what to expect? Contemporary music, relevant teachings, and a family of people who can't wait to meet you. See you at the Summit?

Who We Are

We are a JESUS church.

We believe that the whole story of the world and how we fit into it is most clearly understood through looking at the story and person of Jesus Christ. We believe that there is only one way to Heaven, singular and exclusionary, and it is only through acknowledging and accepting that Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins and then conquered death by rising from the grave. Simply put, it's all about Jesus.

We are a BIBLE church.

We believe that although God still speaks to us in many ways, His primary method of communicating is through Scripture. We believe that within the pages of the Bible lies the answer to every question, the solution to every problem, and the guidance for every situation we can encounter in this life.

We are a WORSHIP church.

We believe in the power of worship. Although worship is definitely a lifestyle, we often express ourselves in worship through music and singing. We believe that when we worship we position ourselves before God in a way that allows Him to speak to, change and guide us.

We are a FAMILY church.

We believe in ministering to the whole family. States are changed by cities, cities are changed by communities, and communities are changed by families. As we strengthen each family unit through Godly Men's, Women's, Teen and Children's ministries, positive change occurs throughout the entire region.

We are a MISSION church.

We believe in Jesus' mandate, "Go into the whole world and preach the Gospel." We are aggressive in our support of missionaries and mission organizations both overseas, nationwide and in our own local community of Elkins, as well as regularly sending mission teams on trips to proclaim the Gospel and practically serve where it is needed.